Jensen Beach Accordion Shutters

With unpredictable weather becoming increasingly commonplace it can be a good idea to protect your home from the elements. The Florida coast is know for it's tornados and heavy storms. More and more people are realising the benefits of installing storm shutters to protect their home from high winds and hail.

One of the easiest and most affordable types of storm protection are accordion shutters. As their name implies, accordion shutters are easy to use, simply slide the shutter into place. Accordion shutters can fitted by anyone who feels competent in the skills required to install them. Alternatively you can have your accordion shutters fitted by trained professionals who will go over their operation with you so when the time comes to put them in use you are fully aware of the easy steps to put them in place and protect your home and contents.The infographic belows shows the practical benefits of using accordion shutters along with the most suited uses.

For larger windows, shop fronts and normal door openings, roll shutters will prove a more effective solution. Like accordion shutters, roll shutters are available as manual or electronically controlled. Another method of storm protection is storm panels, these normally operate on a track and are easily removed and stored away when not in use. Regardless of the type of storm shutter used it is important to understand how they can protect your home especially with hurricanes, click here for an explanation as to how hurricanes can tear apart a house in minutes.